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The way you conduct yourself in social situations says a lot about who you are.  Know what is expected of you and make the best impression possible.  Understanding the finer points of etiquette will boost your self-confidence and improve your relationships and career prospects.

Personalized Image & Etiquette Classes and Consultation

  Professional Imaging:  Enhance your professional image and advance your career.  Learn
      how to make a powerful first impression.  Discover your strengths and opportunities for
      improvement.  Find out which colors, cuts, and fabrics will help you look your best.  Learn
      dining etiquette and much more...

Let Us Help You Become Your Very Best
  • Polished Profile Presence:  A positive online reputation is crucial to your future success. This class is available for teens and parents to participate. Call for details.

  • Re-Invent Yourself Class: For those who have lost their job, title, salary, and identity. Do you have a solid work history and a proven track record, but have been laid off and job terminated? Do you lack confidence, motivation, and career skills to re-invent yourself? Remove stress and doubt, learn new skills while utilizing past experience, and accomplish new goals in life. Call for details.

  • Body Language Class: Your body language is a powerful communicator. Learn what you are communicating through your gestures and nonverbal cues. Fun, engaging, informative and lots of laughter. Call for details.


If you're a professional looking to command more respect from your boss, boost your sales numbers, or simply polish your image, we have personalized programs to help you meet your goals.   We also offer waitstaff training, dining and business etiquette classes, and "Mix and Mingle" social hours for professionals.   Check out our Professionals section for details.


Maybe you want to brush up on those dining skills or learn more about the intricacies of wine.  Or, maybe you just want to feel more comfortable at parties.  We offer courses that will have you navigating a wide range of social situations with self-assured ease.  Go to our programs for Adults section for more details.


Our highly interactive programs for children include hands-on activities, role-playing, and take-home worksheets for review.   Your child will learn basic manners, table etiquette, and social skills.   Watch your child's self-esteem and confidence improve.  Check out our programs for Kids for more information.


Develop your own self-identity and build confidence, thinking skills and self-esteem.  Learn the necessary social and leadership skills to handle a variety of situations with poise and confidence.  See our programs for Teens section for more information.


Parents ensure that your caregiver is having the right influence on your children. A nanny should be professionally trained to reinforce the child's intellectual, social and emotional skills development, on a daily basis. Find more details under our Nannies section.

We are proud to introduce Cool Rules Rule, our very own collection of songs that teach manners and dining etiquette and will help your child build a positive self image. You can download the album in digital MP3 format below (powered by CDBaby). CDs will be coming soon.

Depending on the expected attendance, classes are held at various seminar spaces and restaurants throughout New York.

Mailing Address: The Etiquette School of Manhattan
101 W 23rd Street
Ste 525
New York, NY 10011

If you have any questions or comments, please call us or contact our Director, Dianne Marsch at:

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