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Our adult programs are designed to teach and to entertain. You will gain the skills necessary to handle yourself with confidence in personal and professional settings.

Navigate business lunches, dinner parties, meals in a fine restaurant, and many other social situations with self-assured ease.

Etiquette Classes for Adults

Dining Savvy for Adults

Learn the finer points of dining and how to handle yourself with ease in the most formal situations. This class includes setting a formal table, handling the napkin, wine glasses and utensils, toasting and different styles of dining. Dinner in a restaurant included (alcoholic beverages extra).  2 hours. 

Family Fun Dining Etiquette

A fun-filled program for the whole family including, introductions, greetings, table settings, behavior at the table and dining skills.  Dinner in a restaurant included (alcoholic beverages extra).  2 hours. 

Mix & Mingle for the Social Adult

For anyone who attends business gatherings, cocktail parties, PTA meetings, or other social events. Includes: introductions, handshaking, conversation, small talk, eye contact, nonverbal communication and much more.  2 hours. 

Dining for the Successful Professional

This course prepares you for the business meal as the host or guest. It includes arriving for the meal, greetings, body language, conversation, listening skills, how to choose the right restaurant, proper use of utensils, drinking before and during the meal, tipping and pitfalls to avoid.  Get an edge over your competition.  2 hours.

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