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Our highly interactive programs for children and teens include hands-on activities, role-playing, and take-home worksheets for review.

See your child's self-esteem, confidence and social skills improve.

Etiquette Classes for Kids

Mad About Manners Special Program

An exciting week of instruction on table manners, social etiquette and communication skills. This comprehensive program includes: the doís and doníts of dining, behavior in public places, common courtesies. See your childís confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills improve.  Ages 8-11 and 12-16.  5 days, 2 hours each day. 

Dining Out for Kids & Teens

A fun-filled program, including, introductions, greetings, table settings, behavior at the table and dining skills. Dinner in a restaurant included.  2 hours.

Family Fun Dining Etiquette

A fun-filled program for the whole family including, introductions, greetings, table settings, behavior at the table and dining skills.  Dinner in a restaurant included (alcoholic beverages extra).  2 hours. 

Table Manners (Basic and Advanced)

Students will learn proper table manners, including formal table settings, proper use of utensils, glassware and dishes, the art of serving and receiving food, eating etiquette and how to be the perfect host and guest. This is a hands-on participation class.  Ages 8-11 and 12-16.   2 hour Basic class, 4 hour Advanced class.

Manners Kids Should Know

Our interactive approach offers a fun learning experience. Topics include: greetings, eye contact, speaking clearly, body language, table manners, kindness towards others and helping behaviors.  Ages 4-7.  1.5 hours for 4 weeks. 

Mealtimes Can Be Fun for Everyone

Your child will learn the appropriate behavior at the table through role playing, activities, games, and crafts.  Participants will also learn to set the table and how to hold and use utensils.  Worksheets will be sent home for practice and review.  Ages 4-7.  2 hours. 

Please, Thank you and Excuse me

This course is designed to build self-esteem and increase confidence in social situations.  Topics include: greetings, goodbyes, handshaking and helping others.  Ages 4-7.  2 hours. 

Cotillion and Etiquette

We help your child master the rules of etiquette and gain confidence through learning proper social behavior.  Students will learn the art of shaking hands when appropriate, introductions and properly presenting themselves, listening skills, fine dining skills, navigating the place setting, correct posture, writing thank you notes, dressing for dinner, ballroom dancing and much, much more...

Some basic ballroom dances such as the Waltz, Fox Trot, Swing, Cha-Cha, Merengue and Rumba will be introduced, along with the history of ballroom dancing and dance floor etiquette.

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