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A confident, self-assured attitude will positively affect the way others treat you and, in turn, will improve your personal and professional relationships.
Feeling comfortable and self-assured in every situation will better prepare you for life's many challenges.

Personalized Imaging & Etiquette Classes and Consultation


Director of The Etiquette School of Manhattan, Dianne Marsch, is a graduate of Global Success Strategies and the International School of Protocol and is certified by The Premier Finishing School. She is a certified Image and Etiquette Consultant and is qualified to teach Social, Communication, Dining and Business Etiquette to children, teens and adults.

Dianne is a highly experienced, professional educator, having been responsible for educating countless children, adolescents and adults.  She brings over twenty years of experience in education and expertise in public speaking to the Directorship of The Etiquette School.

Dianne Marsch has provided training in business, social, communication, leadership, public speaking, dining protocol, professional imaging management, and modern etiquette curriculum to schools, colleges, universities, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and various other groups and individuals.

Dianne is an expert in customizing training/instructional approach to optimally meet the needs of diverse audiences.

As a former school teacher, Dianne’s desire is for every child and teen, regardless of social status, to have an opportunity to acquire the proper etiquette skills that will empower them to meet the challenges they will face while transitioning into adulthood and beyond with positive self-esteem, character building and the ability to make good choices for their lives.


Dianne employs diverse teaching techniques to ensure effective learning by all age groups and all types of learners.  She is strongly committed to the teaching of proper etiquette and protocol, and to helping individuals of all ages build respect for themselves and others.

Her combination of expertise and enthusiasm as an educator provides a learning environment that is both engaging and effective.

Participants, in Ms. Marsch’s Etiquette Classes learn life-changing skills that have had a major impact on their lives, from building personal and professional relationships, more confidence, reaching goals that were only dreams, and being successful in business.

Dianne has worked with people from various countries including; Argentina, Beijing, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, and throughout the Unites States, training people to be confident, competent and successful.

Ms. Marsch is often invited as the keynote speaker and has written numerous articles for newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, newsletters, educational institutions, and businesses, on a full range of etiquette and business etiquette topics. She has appeared on many television and radio programs including Martha Stewart Show and the Fox and Friends Morning Show.

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